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Appreciating My Own Backyard

I watch a lot of YouTubers. Some of them fashion and beauty related, some of them funny vloggers, some of them gamers but also some of them travel vloggers.
View from my friend’s bach (holiday home) in Opito, Coromandel, New Zealand
My absolute favourite travel/daily vlogger is Louis Cole from FunForLouis (he also has a channel called FoodForLouis). What I find so great about his vlogs is that not only are they all gorgeously shot and edited, but it’s so cool to see all the amazing places he goes to, and he always seems so capture the real beauty of a place. He also seems like a really lovely guy.
For the past few months he’s been travelling around Australia (he is originally from the England,) and a few days ago hopped on a plane to fly across the ditch (the Tasman Sea) to come to New Zealand; my home. 
I was of course pretty excited, super fangirl that I am, and was eager to see glimpses of my own city through his lens. One thing I realised while watching one of his vlogs while he was travelling through the Coromandel, was how beauty my country is. I guess seeing it through someone else’s eyes who has never seen these new sights before makes me realise that I take my country for granted. Sure, I still love going on holiday around New Zealand, but  I don’t think I appreciate it as much as a first-timer would.
Over the past few months I have been so excited about travelling overseas and longing to visit all these new beautiful sights and attractions that I’ve forgotten to appreciate what I have here in my own backyard. This is probably something we can all relate to though and as my departure date draws nearer everyday I think this is a perfect time to start appreciating everything I have here at home and all that I’m going to leave behind. 
Side-note: I am actually off to the same place Louis went tomorrow for a few days with a group of my close friends, so this is probably the perfect time to start appreciating New Zealand more. Oh and if you’re keen to watch Louis’ vlog while he was in the Coromandel it’s linked above, but it’s also HERE.

source: Tumblr

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