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Recording Travels

For christmas I was lucky enough to receive some very helpful gifts!

One of my requests I gave to friends and family for Christmas present ideas was “something that would be helpful for my travels next year,” and they kindly obliged.
One of the things I’m really looking forward to whilst travelling is documenting, through photographs, videos, writing, scrapbooking and illustrations all the things I get up to. I really want to try and make it a “thing”. A “thing” meaning; not something I start for a week or two and then either forget about/ am too lazy to update. I understand that sometimes, especially during my studies at uni my life will probably be incredibly boring and monotonous, but even a a random blog post once a week is my goal while I’m away. 
Aaaand, I’ve just realised I’ve gone on a massive tangent; back to the point. Christmas presents.
I got given three different journals for Christmas, one is a blank A5 visual diary, another is a medium sized travel journal from the cute Swedish store Kikki.k and the third is a little wee travel notes journal, also from Kikki.k.
I’ve begun scribbling in the visual diary already, documenting things like travel plans, budgets and places I want to visit, it’s basically become my travel planning journal and I love it. It makes me feel organised (for once in my life).
What I love about the journals from Kikki.k is that they’re super cute and colourful and also have a bit of structure. This means that if I have a slightly uninspiring day, there are a few prompts within the pages of the journals like  “how do I feel?” “did I try something new today?”, that kind of thing. These journals will be my more personal documenting I guess.
Then of course there is this blog and the possibility of vlogs. There are a few things that makes me super nervous about vlogging;

  1. People can see your face, hear your voice…. You really are putting yourself out there.
  2. It will be a lot of work, filming, editing, waiting for it to upload to YouTube
  3. I am not looking forward to people giving me weird looks in public
On the other hand, it seems like a really fun thing to do, and a cool way for my family and friends to see what I’m up to, all close and personal like. 

Even though this trip isn’t until the middle of the year, it’s actually not that long away, but oh yeah, I need funds.

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Hello, I'm Anya. A twentysomething with a love for travel, food and a good read. Current day job was also my childhood dream job: working for a magazine (although these days I work in the digital sphere). Feel free to say hi!

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