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Student Life | February 2014

Second day back at uni and I am already feeling my stress levels skyrocket.
So, incredibly productive student that I am, I decided the best thing to do during my ridiculously large gaps between classes was to study do quizzes on Buzzfeed. So below are the results of my productivity… honestly though, it is pretty productive if you think about it. I’m learning so much about myself because c’mon, who doesn’t want to know which boy-band member is their soulmate, not a lot of people that’s for sure.
If you wanna see what your results are for these quizzes, make sure to click the link! Happy self-discovery!

Be ready to be bombarded with gifs and shit.


I got:
Yeah I’m pretty badass… I drive 5kms over the speed limit, check me out.
I got:

So why am I not dating Zayn Malik yet?

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

I got:

Let’s also hope I get to wear Hamlet’s awesome footwear ‘cos it’s totes quiche.
Ja’mie knows what’s up.

Which Boy-Band Member Is Your Soulmate?
(aka the most important quiz so far)

I got:

Accurate. But then again, you know who would be an even better soulmate for Niall?

What Are You?
(something to help you through your existential crisis, you’re welcome)

I got:

Aww how sweet! Group hug!

Which Fandom Do You Actually Belong In?

I got:

Cos let’s be honest…

One day…

What Should You Actually Eat For Lunch?

I got:

Uhm… does pizza count as salad or?

Yeah, I’m just going to pretend I got pizza ‘cos

No, no I haven’t Ariel.

Anyhoo, that’s the end of my quiz results. I did a few more and there are always new ones to try. Seriously, give them a go, you find out things about yourself you didn’t know you needed to know.


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