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Current Situation Update | March 2014

So, I’ve been highly inactive on this blog, mainly because there has been nothing to blog about.

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Although I had planned everything to the very last detail, it of course didn’t go to plan. However, I think I’m better off for it. I now have found really great plane tickets from Auckland to France (return) which I WILL be buying at the end of next week, I know what insurance I want to get and I have a couple of concerts to look forward to while I’m over there! 
Now, updates on what I’ve been up to;
I’ve honestly just been doing a lot of working and studying. I did however get to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live! But even more importantly, I got to see Bruno Mars…. Twice.
He is absolutely incredible. There are no words that do him justice. I’ve always liked Bruno Mars and his music, but after seeing him live, it just took it all to a whole other level. He is hands-down the best live performer I have ever seen (and I’ve seen Beyonce). 

I’m going to be bogged down with a crap-load of uni assignments in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll probably be hella inactive, more so than now. But I’ll try do a little post every time I solidify another part of the trip!

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