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Gizmos and Gadgets: Getting Travel Ready

With just over four weeks to go (28 days and 15 hours to be exact… but who’s counting,) I have been slowly trying to buy gizmos and gadgets (and clothes) that I can say are going towards the trip so that I don’t feel horrible for spending money that I don’t have.

Some of the exciting purchases include;

  • A new camera; I bought myself a Samsung mv900f in the colour White which I am SUPER excited about.
Samsung mv900f

Samsung mv900f camera (via Samsung)


I chose this one because of the screen that can be lifted to a 180 degree angle which will be perfect for vlogging (I’ve decided that I want to do some daily vlogging while I’m away as something fun to do).

  • 32GB SD card; not very exciting, but I thought I’d chuck it in anyway.


  • Universal Travel Power Plug Adaptor; ok so I’m going to sound really geeky, but I’m pretty excited about this because it’s a 4-in-1 kind of product that I’ll be able to use in Europe and the UK.


  • Juice Box Portable Charger;


Juice Box Portable Charger

Ok,  if this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen, you’re lying. This little cutie is a portable phone charger, so if you’re low on battery you can just plug it into the Juice Box and charge it up!

  • I also bought a new black skort and grey trousers which I’m pretty happy with, but aren’t very interesting either.

I’m also planning on buying a couple of books before I leave! If you have any book suggestions please let me know, I’d love suggestions!




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