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Plane hopping and duty free shopping

And so, the adventure has begun!

At 11am on the morning of the 24th of June, I arrived at Auckland International Airport ready to hop on a plane to Hong Kong.

There had been a little bit of a drama the night before- some French unions had proposed a strike that could’ve affected a whole lot of flights coming in anad out of France, luckily ours wasn’t one of them!

Saying goodbye to the family was tough. There were a few tears, but as soon as I was through the gates, the sadness was quickly replaced with excitement.

The first flight was good. I stayed awake the whole 11 hours or so hours watching movies and TV and we landed in Hong Kong Airport at about 9.30pm Hong Kong time, which was around 1am NZ time.

We were feeling tired, but still had 3 hours to kill before our flight to Paris.During this time we wandered around the duty free stores, bought a few cheeky items from M.A.C and some chocolate and lollies before heading to maccas for a quick feed ( I was hoping to have some nice Asian food, but I wasn’t too hungry and knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it all).

By the way, Hong Kong Airport is huge! There are 530 gates and we had to take a train within the airport to get to our gate to catch our flight.

It was then on a plane for our 13 hour flight to Paris! I literqlly spent most of the time eating and sleeping, waking up just a couple of hours before we were going to land. We landed in Paris at around 7.30am on the 25th of June, refreshed from our sleep on the flight and ready for our time in Paris.


p.s you can also check out my vlog of the day.

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