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First day in Paris

Flying into Paris at 7.30 meant that we had a whole day ahead of us. We’d had a pretty long (but slightly uncomfortable sleep,) so weren’t feeling too bad, just maybe a bit disorientated. We met my Aunty Flora and her family friend Catherine (who we’d be staying with during our time in Paris,) at the airport and drove from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Catherine’s house in the suburb of Versailles.

We were quickly greeted by crazy traffic and crazy motorcyclists- they are seriously ruthless. Once we were at Catherine’s house, we got time to get settled and relax before heading down to the little town square area to pick up some fresh bread, meat and fruit for lunch.

Lunch was a three-course affair. With entrée,  mains and dessert, plus coffee to wash it all down at the end. After lunch we decided we’d go to have a quick look at the Château de Versailles, because my aunty had never been there before and she had to leave in the afternoon to go back down to Limoges where she lives.

We walked about 20 minutes to the palace. It was absolutely stunning. I don’t really know what else to say. It’s just so strange to imagine how old these places are and that people used to really live there and live out their lives there without the ridiculous crowds.

We had a quick look around the gardens which again, were amazing. They were perfectly manicured and absolutely HUGE. We then headed back home, with the plan of coming back in a couple of days time to take a look inside, which I am so excited about!

After that it was back to Catherine’s house to take the RER to Gare d’Austerlitz, which is one of the main train stations in Paris and where my aunty would catch the train back down to Limoges.

It was also my first time going through the Metro gate machine thingy-ma-jiggys, and of course, I failed. It’s super fun though!

After an ice-tea, Aunty Flora caught her train, and it was back to Versailles for a shower, a rest and dinner. Dinner again was three courses and was super yum!

Moana and I both decided to have an early night and pretty much feel asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. A good night’s sleep was definitely necessary though, because we had a MASSIVE day ahead of us the following day.


p.s you can also check out my vlog of the day

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