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Massive Day in Paris

Waking up today I felt like I’d had the best sleep I’d ever had in a long time. We had a massive day ahead of us though, so it was definitely needed!

We had English muffins and coffee for breakfast and also met Catherine’s son Matthieu, who had been away for a couple of days golfing with friends.

We then caught the RER to ST Michel Notre-Dame train station, which is right by the Notre-Dame Cathedral. We then lined up to get inside. The line was so strange though and it took forever to find the end of it. It literally went around in a spiral, with the end of the line in the centre of the spiral.

Inside the Cathedral was beautiful. The detail that has gone into every inch of it is amazing; it’s no not hard to imagine why it took nine centuries to build. There was also a school choir that was performing while we were there, which just added to the atmosphere and made the experience even more special. While we saw the statues and the gargoyles at the Cathedral, Quasimodo was nowhere to be seen.


Next it was off to have a quick browse at the shops. We had a quick peruse through Zara and tried to find somewhere that we could buy SIM cards for our phones. We just happened to arrive in France on the day that the summer sales had begun, so we’re hoping to go out on a later date to take advantage of the
50-70% sales.

Around this time we were starting to feel hungry, so we found a cute little crêperie and bistro for lunch before heading to the Louvre museum. We didn’t go inside, as the Louvre is pretty much a full day trip, so we’re planning to go on Saturday, when the weather is supposed to be pretty horrible. The Louvre was definitely a highlight from the last time I was in Paris, so I’m really excited to go back again.

We then walked down Champs-Élysées Avenue, which is one of the main shopping streets in Paris, and where you will find a lot of high-end brands. One of the crazy things was the Abercrombie & Finch store. It literally looked like the outside of a mansion or palace. There were elaborate gates manned by security guards, and a path that was bordered by high manicured hedges. Apparently sometimes there are lines going down the street to get inside, because it’s the only store in Paris. While walking down the Champs-Élysées, we also spotted Ladurée, (yeah, that place that Blair and Serena from GG went)
so we hopped in to buy some cute and delicious macaroons.

Finally it was time to go to the Tour Eiffel. The whole day we’d seen bits of it in the distance. After deciding the lines were too long, we walked across the road and up the hill to take some compulsory Eiffel Tower snapshots.

By now my feet were getting tired and I think everyone was just tired in general, so we headed down to the RER to train back home. As I’m writing this, we’ve just finished dinner (our dessert was our macaroons, but I could only bring myself to eat two because they were too pretty,) and just chilling. I’m hoping to get some of my vlogs up, but that’s really difficult without Internet unfortunately, so they’ll have to come later.

Today has been such a full-on, hot and sweaty, but amazing day, and it’s been so lovely to have Catherine show us around. She knows so much about all the buildings, even the ones that aren’t so famous, so to get extra pieces of information and history makes the experience even more worthwhile and special.
Tomorrow it’s off to the Chateau Versailles! The weather isn’t looking too great, but luckily we’ll be able to go inside, so hopefully won’t get to wet!


p.s you can also check out my vlog of the day!


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