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Montmartre & The Sacre-Coeur

(You can alternatively, or additionally check out my vlog of the day here)

Today was the day that we had put aside for a trip to the Louvre, and after a ride on the RER we hopped out to have a stroll along the Seine in the drizzle. On the way to the Louvre Catherine took us past the Pont des Arts to have a quick look at a photo.

The Pont des Arts is the bridge that is full of padlocks. Catherine told us that regularly the bridge gets too heavy and the sides of the bridge fall off into the Seine and have to be replaced, but within a few days the new part will be filled with padlocks again.

It was quite cool to see, especially after seeing it numerous time in films etc. After a quick photo we crossed the road to the Louvre. Almost instantly we were astounded by how many people were there and how bloody long the line was! The line stretched from the entrance at the pyramid and halfway around the square. It was absolutely crazy! It seemed that everyone had had a similar idea as us, to go to the Louvre on the rainy day.

After deciding that the line was too long and we didn’t want to stand in the rain for two hours we decided to go find somewhere to get a SIM card and to go up to Montmartre to see the Sacre-Coeur.

On the way to the Metro we stopped off for lunch opposite the Madeleine. I had a delicious lunch which was a massive Italian salad. It was huge, and I wasn’t able to finish it all. Catherine then showed us the big department store Printemps before heading to the Metro. It was our first time catching the Metro which was pretty exciting! We then walked from the Metro station in Montmartre to the funicular, that would take us up the hill to Sacre-Coeur.

Despite the wet and the cold, Sacre-Coeur still looked beautiful. Inside was crowded and full of people sitting down to pray. The artwork, especially the murals on the ceiling and the stained-glass windows were stunning. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside (there were a few people who took some sneaky photos, but I decided to respect the rules).

Usually you can see the whole of Paris from outside the Sacre-Coeur, but unfortunately, because of the low-lying clouds we were only able to see a tiny bit of Paris. We then had a quick walk around Montmartre before catching the Metro back into Paris and then the RER back home to Versailles.

Once we were home it was almost dinner time, and after dinner we sat down and watched the French game show Fort Boyard, which was pretty good and quite funny.

And that was pretty much our day!


  1. I loved Montmartre! The little cafés and the the artists carrying around their little clipboards and sketching the people passing by. Shame about the weather though! Though it would have made the cafés seem even cozier I’m sure


    • I totally agree! There is just something about the atmosphere there that is really lovely! It definitely was a shame! Luckily I’ve been there before, on a much nicer day, even got my portrait sketched!


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