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Last day in Paris & Flying to Germany

(I apologise in advance, because for some reason WordPress will not let me create paragraphs.)

Today was our last day in Paris. The weather was looking pretty terrible so we decided to just hang out at home, post our postcards and finish packing.

In the afternoon we hopped in the car and Catherine drove us to Charles de Gaulle airport to catch the plane to Dusseldorf, Germany.

On the flight we were given complementary food and drink, so we took advantage of this by getting a small bottle of Rose wine each.

The plane ride went by without a hiccup, it seemed like the shortest flight I’ve ever taken. It was interesting adjusting languages. We were now so used to saying “merci,” that the “danke’s” took a while to come out naturally.

We caught the S-Bahn to the main train station in Dusseldorf and then tried to find our way to our hotel. This proved harder than expected and we ended up walking around in circles for a bit, so much so that we risked the high data roaming fees to use Google Maps to help us out.

After finally figuring out where our hotel was we arrived and were pleasantly surprised. While our room was quite small, it was beautifully decorated and super clean. We also had a cute bathroom attached and (almost best of all) unlimited wifi! We were very happy indeed!

We were quite tired so it was laptop club, before bedtime. We were planning on checking out the shopping in Dusseldorf the following day. So definitely a full-on day.



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