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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

30 June 2014

[There’s a vlog version here if it tickles your fancy]

First things first, shopping. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, we had arrived in Europe the day the big summer sales started and just like in France, Germany had just as many good sales to take advantage of.

We woke up at about 9.30 and quickly headed down to the breakfast area for breakfast… funny that. The dining area was really nice. The tables were a very sophisticated black, with lovely furniture and there was also a deck that looked out onto the small yard that ended in a tall, old brick wall that was covered in vines.

Breakfast was buffet style, with the typical cereals, pastries, fruits and yoghurts as well as different things like antipasto type foods. We were also asked whether we wanted some of the hot breakfast, which today was scrambled eggs.

Manned with a map that the hotel had given us the night before, we headed out, trying to find the shopping area of Dusseldorf.

After not really knowing where we were (Moana seemed to, but I was lost as hell,) we spotted a few big shops (we later found out it was Schadow Arcaden,) and headed excitedly into H&M. Before you judge, we don’t have H&M in New Zealand, so yes, we were excited. We had a good wee browse, I picked up a top and a jumper which was on sale.

The rest of the day consisted of LOTS more shopping. Our favourite of the day was probably Primark, again a shop we don’t have in New Zealand. It is officially now my favourite high street shop!

We stopped into an Italian restaurant for lunch, Moana had a pizza and I had some yummy pasta and then it was off to do more shopping before heading back to the hotel for laptop club and dinner.


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  2. OMG! Your so lucky to be able to holiday and shop like that!
    Great post 🙂
    P.S. I am from Wellington myself.


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