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Did I really go to that? Oh yes I sure did!

2 July 2014

So I’m going to be very honest right now… The reason I actually went to Germany was to go to a concert. And not just any old concert, but a 5SOS/One Direction concert.

Yes, yes, yes roll your eyes, go ahead. But yeah, that’s me being honest. And overall, apart from not being able to see too much (shortness is not your best friend while in General Admission at concerts,) it honestly was a tremendously good concert and the boys were genuinely really good (yup, they can actually sing).

We took the S-Bahn again to ESPIRIT arena and queued for about three to four hours, thank goodness we didin’t go any later because already, the line was incredible. So long, but worth it in the end!

Anyway that’s all, here’s some photos. Ciao.


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