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Update: Studying Abroad

It has been just over three months since I have last written a blog post, but what an amazing three months it has been.

At the end of September I packed up my suitcases and said goodbye to my life in France which had been such a wonderful experience and being able to spend such a lot of time with my family that I’ve only seen a handful of times in my life.

Onto a train to Paris, on a plane to London and then onto a coach to Cardiff I hopped!

It was so strange suddenly seeing signs in English, but when I arrived into Wales not only was it English, but Welsh too. I was a bundle of excitement and nervousness as I sat in the van that drove me to my flat. I knew one person who was going to be in my flat, so that calmed my nerves a bit.

Arriving to the flat is a bit of blur for me. I was super flustered and hot from carrying my huge suitcases up the stairs so the introductions were breathless and sweaty. Within hours of arriving I found myself getting ready to go out with the rest of the flat for the opening of the Y Plas, the newly refurbished student union club.

Some of my flat before the Freshers Ball

Some of my flat before the Freshers Ball

Flat 6.1.2 before an early Halloween event.

Flat 6.1.2 before an early Halloween event.

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of new faces, eating, drinking and dancing. The student life is so different to anything I’ve experienced in New Zealand. I think this is generally down to the fact that I lived at home as does many other students in Auckland.

While I’m unsure when I will have time to update this in the next few months, what with assignments, Christmas Holidays and exams coming up, I am planning on catching you all up to speed once I get home to New Zealand.

I’m really looking forward to hopefully having a white Christmas this year, something that I’ve never experienced before! Have a safe and happy holiday!

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