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Cardiff Castle: Castell Caerdydd

Sadly, it is a little under ten days until I have to bid farewell to my Cardiff University family and head back home to New Zealand. One thing that I have been terrible at doing whilst being here has been doing the touristy things around Cardiff and Wales. So, with the limited amount of time I have left here, my friend and I decided we should visit some of the popular sites, first up, Cardiff Castle!

Entrance to the castle grounds

What was super cool was, since I’m currently a Cardiff resident (albeit only for another ten days,) I was given a discount PLUS a ‘key to the castle’, which pretty much means I was given a card which gives me free entry for the next three years, which was pretty sweet and will be a cool souvenir.

My Castle key

Just like usual I took advantage of the free audio guides to find out about the places and things we were visiting. There is not much left of the original Roman Fort, but you can see a few old stones here and there which is neat. It’s definitely an enjoyable and easy trip to take if you’re ever in Cardiff. We only spent an hour there, but if we’d had more time we would have probably looked at a lot more. It really is up to you!

IMG_8795 IMG_8797 SAM_2450 SAM_2454 SAM_2456

There was also a stunning view from the top of the Norman Keep, a steep and somewhat tiring walk, but it’s totally worth it!

SAM_2473 SAM_2475 SAM_2479 IMG_8802

Oh! Also went to Jamie’s Italian for lunch and it was absolutely delicious! I got a Market Superfoods Salad with added smoked salmon.

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