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The Doctor Who Experience

While I haven’t grown up with the television show Doctor Who, I did get into the show a couple of years ago and now I would definitely count myself as a fan.

Therefore it wasn’t right to not go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, which is the only one of its kind.

There are two parts to the Doctor Who Experience, the first part is the interactive part, where you are taken on a little adventure and need to help the Doctor save the universe. It was quite funny and quite enjoyable. My favourite part was definitely going through the forest of weeping angels- scary as hell, but also a lot of fun! That takes about 15-20 minutes (you’re not allowed to film or take photos, so you’ll just have to go by my word).

The second part is where you get to have a stroll around the Doctor Who exhibitions, where there is actual set, props and costumes that you can look at, which is also super cool.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and going with a large group of friends made the interactive part even better. I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve ever watched Doctor Who, although it would probably not be as enjoyable for people who have never watched the show.

Here are a collection of photographs I took while there, and I also filmed a quick little vlog which you can also check out if it tickles your fancy.


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