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National Museum Cardiff

I was pleasantly surprised by the National Museum Cardiff.

My main purpose for going was that I’d never been there in the four months that I’d been living in Cardiff and felt like it was almost a necessary thing to do. What I really loved about it was the layout.

The natural history part of the museum was laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow path, so that there was no aimless wandering trying to figure out where to go next or where you were. It made the whole experience really relaxing and enjoyable, as you could just stroll along the path and look at everything without accidentally missing something.

Cardiff also have an impressive art collection on the second floor. There is a range of Monet’s work, along with some of  Renoir’s, Picasso’s and a Van Gogh and Magritte too. We spent a lot of time admiring the art.

I would highly recommend the Cardiff Museum if you are ever in Cardiff. It’s not too big and easy to navigate around, another perk is that it is free! Great place to go to if you have a few hours to kill.


  1. Cardiff is such a great place to study in! I lived in Cardiff for three years before making it to the museum, so many times I walked past it!! It is brilliant though, great to see you enjoyed it too! Have a look at St Fagans Museum (Museum of Welsh Life) too… it’s an outdoor museum with lots of old Welsh houses, it’s perfect for a sunny day!


    • I feel like that’s the same as everyone else. You keep telling yourself that you can visit it whenever you want, but keep putting it off! Unfortunately I’ve left Cardiff now, as I was only there for one semester on study abroad. But I had such a fantastic time there, so I know I will definitely be back sometime in the near future, so I’ll definitely have to check out St Fagans Museum when I’m next there 🙂

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      • Glad to hear you enjoyed Cardiff so much, I had a little browse through and saw your Winter Wonderland and Doctor Who photos! Looks like you definitely made the most of your time here! Wishing you all the best with the rest of your studies 🙂


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