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Travelling home (Part 1): Cardiff to Paris

I can’t remember a time when I’ve dreaded saying goodbye so much. I’ve never been great with goodbyes, but having to say goodbye to my flatmates in Cardiff was literally one of the saddest and hardest things I’ve had to do in a while. It’s crazy to think that just over the course of four months I would consider these wonderful people my second family.

After saying my goodbyes, I was in for a long and tiresome trek back home to Auckland. One coach ride, and three plane rides, I was in for three days of non-stop transits and travel.

Cardiff to London:

I left Cardiff just after midday on the coach to Heathrow Terminal 4. Just half an hour after leaving Cardiff, all my friends texted me telling me it had started snowing in Cardiff, so typical. I had been hoping for snow the entire time I’d been there.

After a three and a half hour bus ride, and then a quick stint on the Heathrow Express, I arrived at Terminal 4 Heathrow, checked in my luggage, went through customs and then I went to Costa for a coffee and a bite to eat. I then bought a packet of sweets and a book, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison.

London to Paris:

The plane ride was a quick, just under an hour flight. I grabbed my suitcases (they were the first ones to come out, which I was chuffed with,) and headed to the hotel shuttle transfers. To cut a long story short- I went to the wrong hotel and had to wait outside in the rain for the next shuttle to take me back to the airport, before waiting another half hour for a shuttle in the freezing snow storm that had just come out of nowhere. It was such a relief to finally get to the hotel (2 hours later than expected though,) and I had a good night’s rest, ready for a long flight the next day (the snow was pretty exciting too).

The snow outside my hotel room Snow outside my hotel room

Paris to Hong Kong:

I left the hotel early in the morning on the shuttle that was provided. I met another girl in the shuttle, who had arrived the same time as me the previous night, so we started chatting. She was from Germany and was really lovely, she had just stayed over night to wait for her boyfriend who was arriving that morning. We said goodbye at the airport, and I headed to the check-in desk. I checked in nice and early, went through customs and headed to find some late breakfast. I bought a lovely pumpkin risotto (strange breakfast, I know) and a juice while I waited for my flight. Unfortunately my flight was delayed by an hour, so luckily I had a few episodes of Silent Witness to catch up on before boarding my long 12 hour flight to Hong Kong.

To be continued…


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