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My Travel Bucket-List: Revisited| How well did I do?

Oh dear, here we go!

Before embarking on my big 7 month trip to Europe I set myself a few goals that I wanted to achieve. Now today, I’m going to review them and see how well I actually did. I’m not feeling too optimistic guys…

 Be able to hold a basic conversation in French: Because I’m going to be staying in France for around 3 months with an Aunt who knows limited-no English, I’m hoping that this will force me to use what little French I know and develop it a whole heap more.

-Unfortunately, I don’t think I can tick this one off. While my understanding of French has definitely improved, my spoken French is still abysmal. I can form sentences in my head that I think make sense, but I think it was a combination of nerves that prevented me from actually speaking them aloud. This is still something I really want to improve before I go back. 

Try 9 new foods/dishes: I’m usually quite an adventurous eater, I’ll give almost everything a go. The only thing I’ve not been able to eat has been chicken feet at Yum Cha. If I was in another country and that was one of their traditional foods I’d totally eat it, at the moment though, not really my cuppa tea.  And why 9 foods you ask? Just simply because 9 is my lucky number.

-I’m going to try list down everything I can think of and see if I reached my lucky 9; An array of French dishes but probably only 3 that I haven’t tried before, a couple of  French cheeses, Welsh cakes, Yorkshire pudding, British marmite, cow stomach (in a stew), and few more things like sweets, but I don’t think they count, so yay! I can tick this one off! But there wasn’t anything too adventurous I’m afraid. 

Make friends with people from at least 5 different countries: I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, especially when I get to university in Cardiff, and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures will be really interesting and rewarding too.

-England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, United States, Denmark (that’s more than 5!)

Have a spontaneous trip/adventure: While I do have some things planned out, there is still a whole lot of time that I’ve left to “what ifs” and “maybe’s”, so I’m hoping that somewhere in this time slot I can go on some spontaneous trips that I’ve decided on just a few days (hours??) beforehand.

-My trip to England to see the Stonehenge, Bath and Brighton was quite spontaneous, but unfortunately nothing as spontaneous as just a day before. I’ll give myself half a tick.

Get a tattoo: Okay, so if Mum reads this she will KILL ME. But for about 4 or 5 years now I’ve really wanted to get a tattoo. Technically I’m old enough to get one without my parent’s consent, but I know how much my Mum doesn’t like them so I’ve refrained from getting anything. Going away though, I’m really set on getting one. So, sorry Mum, it’s going to happen.

-Definitely cannot tick this one off. I think it was a combination of the fear that my Mum would be so mad and also the fact that I preferred to save the money for travel.

Do a blogpost at least every second day: I have a feeling this might be something I’ll find VERY difficult, but I’m hoping that I can create some consistency and a routine of blogging. The hardest thing for me is coming up with ideas, especially now, when I’m not really going anywhere or doing anything exciting.

-Wow, I definitely set the bar high here. It is definitely not something I can tick off unfortunately. 

Go to a concert/music festival in another country: I know that this is definitely going to be something I will check off my bucket-list.

-As well as going to a few small local concerts and music festivals in France I also went to Germany to see One Direction (yes, laugh all you want,) and to the O2 Arena in London to see Ed Sheeran. 

Go to a theatre production in another country: Do I hear London’s West-End calling my name? I REALLY would love to see a theatre production or musical at the West-End, so keen.

-As much as I wish I could’ve ticked this one off, it was just not meant to be. I was very very close to going to see Swan Lake in Cardiff, but there was a clash with another activity.

Travel to at least 5 NEW countries: This means I can’t include places that I’ve already been. There are of course a whole lot of places I would LOVE to visit,  but I think that a whole different list in itself. I’ve done a quick country summary (that needs updating) HERE.

-Short on money, I was unfortunately not able to do as much travelling as I would have liked. England, Wales and Germany were three new countries for me though.

So how well did I do? 3.5/9 ticked off. Very very poor effort. In all honesty I did forget about this bucket list until quite recently, and by then some of these things would have been impossible to achieve. I’m thinking of compiling a list of destinations and activities that I’d like do and achieve in the long-term as well, so it will give me a lot more time to be able to actually achieve them.


  1. But I bet you did a lot of other things that weren’t on your bucket list or you didn’t have planned before you left!! That’s the beauty about travelling, you meet so many people, hear about their experiences and travel to places they inform you about. I think our bucket lists tend to grow the more we travel!! I actually wrote a blog post on this last week. Cool blog by the way. I was using this theme but just recently changed as I was getting frustrated. Your’s looks so much better than mine did!! haha


    • I think you’re completely right! I really did do so many things that weren’t there to begin with! I think the idea of the bucket list is helpful if you want a few ideas. I just checked out your post and couldn’t agree more! Also incredibly jealous of the amazing amount of places you visited last year!

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Funnily enough just today I was feeling a bit tired of my theme and have been looking at new themes I might want to try out instead. I really love the one you have, it really complements your vibrant photographs 🙂


      • Glad you could connect with the post!

        That is weird!! ha ha i know how you feel because i just had a gut feeling that the theme didn’t feel right for me. But i must say your’s really does look much better than mine did. Thanks for the lovely compliment about my page. I do like this theme much better but it is frustrating that all the blog posts have to go on the one page only. So sometimes I feel myself wanting to change again but can’t be bothered haha Blogging can be hard work sometimes!! Talk care great to connect 🙂

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