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Silo Markets and Outdoor Cinema

On Friday evening I caught up with one of my friends from Cardiff  who is now doing a study abroad in Auckland and her flatmate. We were planning to go down to Wynyard Quarter at Auckland’s Waterfront and check out the Silo markets and watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.

I absolutely love Silo Park in general. In the past few years the whole place has been revamped to become an awesome space to be in.

Wynyard Quarter

Last night, after a stop in at Chatime, which was having it’s grand opening in Auckland, we walked down Queen Street and down to Wynyard Quarter to Silo Park and had a peruse through the markets. While none of us ended up buying anything, there were plenty of things to choose from, from second hand books, boutiques filled with gorgeous clothes and trinkets and even a nail bar.

Silo Markets

After a good look around, we headed to the food area which was absolutely lush. It was set up with fairground bunting hanging all around and live DJs who looked liked they were having a marvellous time. There were picnic tables scattered around a grassy area along with massive bean bags and a huge wooden Connect Four for the kids, it was such a fantastic atmosphere. There was such a huge selection of food that I struggled to decide what I wanted! I ended up going for a Langos Hungarian fried bread puff, which was topped with tomato, feta and harissa. It was so yummy and so filling, the only downside (and it really is a tiny one) was that I looked ridiculous trying to eat it because it was so big).

Once we’d all got our food (the other two girls opted for Korean burgers and chips,) we headed over to the grass to try find a spot to sit and watch the film. After finding a friend of one of the girls, we sat down to enjoy our food and wait for the film to start. The film was the Great Gatsby, which I’ve seen before and read the book multiple times, it was also nice to just lie back at look up at the stars during some of the not so eventful bits during the film.

Hungarian fried bread from Silo Markets Silo MarketsI would definitely recommend heading down to the Silo markets if you’re in Auckland. The atmosphere in itself is worth going down for. Whether it’s just to have a few drinks and a feed after work, or as an outing with friends or family, it’s definitely worthwhile. The markets are on every Friday from 5pm and also during the afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also check out the Silo Park website for more information about other events happening down there as well as screening times for the movies.

  • Get money out from an ATM before heading down there. There are a lot of stalls (especially food ones) that only accept cash. There is a place where you can get money out at the markets, but the lines are generally very long.
  • If you’re going to the outdoor cinema, bring an extra blanket or jacket as it can get cooler once it’s dark
  • Get in early for a good seat for the film, at least an hour before is ideal, it gets very busy.

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