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Food Photo Friday #1: Market Superfood Salad

Food: Market Superfood Salad + smoked salmon/Consumed: Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff/ Date: January 2015

I’d never been to Jamie’s Italian before as we don’t have one in Auckland, so when I saw that there was one in Cardiff, I knew I had to check it out!

When it comes to ordering food, I am absolutely hopeless. There’s always so many things that sound amazingly delicious and I want to try them all- this time was no different.

In the end I opted for something a bit healthier, but still sounded so scrumptious. The Market Superfood Salad is made up of; “Avocado, shaved fennel, candied beets, pulses, Italian sprouting broccoli, creamy cottage cheese, pomegranate, smashed nuts & seeds. Served with a fennel blossom Sicilian harissa.” I then added smoked salmon to the mix for some fishy goodness and we had sides of pork scratchings and Italian nachos, both of which were delicious!

The salad was as beautiful as it tasted, and it was massive! Everything within the salad complimented each other (the only downside was that there was perhaps a bit too much harissa, it was a bit too salty at times).

Definitely a satisfying first visit to Jamie’s Italian, and I hope I can make it to another sometime soon!

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