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Food Photo Friday #2: Giapo Ice cream

Food: Giapo Christchurch Hazelnut Ice cream/ Consumed: Giapo, Auckland CBD/ Date: March 2015

The other day I went to a wee get together that the uni was throwing for the new international students. After leaving I really felt like going for an ice cream and Giapo, one of the coolest places for ice cream was literally just a few stores away.

I was with two friends of mine who had never been before so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity! Giapo advertises itself as ‘New Zealand’s best ice cream,’ and while that’s perhaps a bit debatable, they do have a few awards to prove it! Giapo’s aim is to create a new ice cream tasting experience by paying attention to the different aspects of the ice cream, like the texture, smells and flavours.

One of my favourite thing about Giapo are the toppings! They create the coolest looking, and best tasting toppings that work to complement the ice cream perfectly! Personally I’m a huge sorbet fan, but this time round I went for something a bit creamier.

I got one scoop of the Christchurch Hazelnut on a cone which was topped with powered, freeze-dried raspberries, sparkly golden cornflakes and a massive dark chocolate praline cone! It looked like a piece of art- which I think is the point!

'Christchurch Hazelnut' ice cream from Giapo

While the ice creams are on the pricier side (my one scoop on a cone was $9 NZD), I think the result is worth it, and it’s probably one of those “once in a while” things rather than your weekly (or daily, I’m not judging) treat.

I went at about 8.30pm and was surprised to see a MASSIVE queue, which I have never seen before! If you want to beat the queues I’d recommend going during the day. That’s when I usually go, and I hardly even have to wait behind a single person!


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