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Currently: April 2015

Happy Easter everyone! Today ended a stressful, full-on week with assignments and early mornings and coming down with a cold, but now I’m able to have a bit of breathing and relaxing time for a couple of weeks before heading back for the second half of the semester. So, to welcome in the new month and the holidays, here’s a super quick update.

Reading: About technological determinism and such for the essay I had to write for university.
Watching: Some new shows that I’ve gotten into; ‘Poldark’ on BBC1, ‘iZombie’ with Kiwi actress Rose McIvor and also catching up on a few YouTuber’s channels.
Dreaming of: My plans after graduating from university at the end of this year. I’m hoping to do a trip to the States sometime next year and pop over the pond to the UK to say hello to my old flatmates in Cardiff.
Planning: My assignments for the second half of next semester. I really don’t want to be in the same boat that I’ve been in this week, leaving everything last minute.
Making: my room pretty again. It has become an absolute tip over the past few weeks being bogged down in work
Enjoying: Breathing space and rest
Eating: lots of Asian foods at the moment. Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Malaysian. Yum!
Excited for: More travel planning!
Goal setting: I definitely need to find a job and save money, also would like to blog a bit more regularly. I need a bit of inspiration first though!
Learning: That sometimes things were just not meant to be.
Lusting over: Has anyone NOT seen that hot maths teacher?! If not, you’re seriously missing out.
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Hello, I'm Anya. A twentysomething with a love for travel, food and a good read. Current day job was also my childhood dream job: working for a magazine (although these days I work in the digital sphere). Feel free to say hi!

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