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Food Photo Friday #6: Ramen Raving

Food: Pork Ramen in a miso base soup/ Consumed: Ramen Do, Eden Terrace, Auckland/ Date: April 14 2014.

Nothing warms me up and fills me up better than a good noodle soup. My favourite will always be a good bowl of Vietnamese Phở, but a big bowl of Ramen is not far behind.

Here is the sixth instalment of ‘Food Photo Friday’. Last week my friend asked me whether I realised I’d posted four breakfast/brunch posts in a row. I guess I just love a good petite dejeuner! Buuuuuut, I do enjoy a good lunch and dinner also, so thought I’d spice it up this week.

This day in particular we were celebrating my brother’s 13th birthday. He had invited a bunch of friend’s out to lunch at Ramen Do, in Auckland’s suburb of Eden Terrace, which is very close to Auckland’s CBD.

This was the first time I’d been to Ramen Do, I usually go to Tanpopo in Auckland’s CBD, but this place was just as delicious. I am a huge fan of Japanese foods, actually I’m a huge fan of many Asian foods, but Ramen is one of my faves.

Anyone have a favourite Japanese dish? Let me know, down in the comments!


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