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Japan Day | Auckland

There was plenty happening down in the Auckland CBD yesterday, one of them being Japan Day, down at Auckland’s Queens Wharf.

Queuing for Ramen

Queuing for Ramen

Yummy bowl of Ramen

Yummy bowl of Ramen

There was an enticing range of Japanese food stalls (along with a few stalls from their neighbouring countries, China and Vietnam) and Japanese wares, both traditional and contemporary.

There were also performances on the main stage the whole day, my favourite being this group of drummers.

Drummers at Japan Day

Drummers at Japan Day

I also got to see the process of people making some savoury moochi. I’m a huge fan of the sweet kind, so it was great to try a savoury version and see how it was made.

Did anyone else go along? Would love to know what you thought!


  1. I went but found the queues for food quite tiresome. I waited 1 hour for my takoyaki. At least it was good takoyaki, but felt like it was too long to wait. Luckily we found we could retreat to the beer garden when it got a bit too much.

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    • Wow that is such a long wait! I luckily didn’t have to wait too long for mine. I did see that the line of takoyaki was incredibly long, so I tried to find a slightly shorter line. I think I might’ve given up if I had to wait that long!


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