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Food Photo Friday #7: Italian at Elliot Stables

Food: Pumpkin cannelloni/ Consumed: De Niro, Elliot Stables, Auckland CBD/ Date: 13 April 2015

It took us two weeks to decide where we wanted to go for dinner, and in the end we decided just a few hours before going, but it all worked out!

What I love about Elliot Stables is that it’s a lot like a food court, but a lot more fancy. My friends and I sat down at a table in the more secluded area. The lighting was dim, but warm and welcoming, and the decor is lovely.

I was keen for some Italian, something I haven’t had in a while, so I headed over to De Niro to order a cannelloni. I can’t quite remember the exact ingredients of the cannelloni, but I know that it was vegetarian and filled with delicious warm pumpkin. The best Italian I’ve eaten in a while and very satisfying.

Yummy cannelloni from De Niro

Yummy cannelloni from De Niro

Dinner at Elliot Stables in Auckland

Dinner at Elliot Stables in Auckland

After dinner, my friends and I headed over to Moustache, the milk and cookie bar which unfortunately has shut it doors now. They were having a final “secret cookie party,” where they were giving away free cookies. The line outside was huge, but the cookies are worth it, as was the delicious Whittaker’s hot chocolate I got.

Good news though, because Moustache will be opening a bus, which will be driving around with all the delicious wares still, which is wonderful!

Anyone been to Elliot Stables? What’s your favourite restaurant there?


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