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Food Photo Friday #9: Czech Pork Schnitzel

Food: Czech Pork Schnitzel/ Consumed: Frankie’s Gourmet Food, Elliot Stables, Auckland CBD/ Date: 28th April 2015

It was back to Elliot Stables for me this week to have lunch with two of my closest friends, but one that I haven’t been able to see for over a year, because she lives down in Wellington.

Previously I’ve talked about a delicious cannelloni I had from De Niro, but this time I opted for something a bit different!

This time round I ordered a Czech Pork Schnitzel from Frankie’s Gourmet Food which was pork schnitzel topped with brie cheese, bacon and caramelised apple, and it came with a side of deliciously seasoned fries and some greens. I also grabbed an Autumn Special from the juice bar Wedge, which was a yummy concoction of feijoa, apple and mint.

Overall the dish was really nice, but I was so full I wasn’t able to finish it! The caramelised apple was a lovely addition and I loved the fries.

I’m really keen to keep going back to Elliot Stables until I’ve sampled food from all the places restaurants there. So far, all have been delicious!


  1. nujawrites says

    Omg, I ordered the same thing when I went last time and I loved it! The only thing I wasn’t super keen about was the pineapple. I don’t know about yours but mine tasted weird- kinda chemically haha Great post btw 😉

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      • Oh haha really? Mine tasted good, I didn’t notice anything off, that’s so weird though. Like did it not taste that great together, or did it taste like it had gone off? Haha


    • Lol I just realised you said it tasted chemically haha. I didn’t notice that, but who knows? Maybe their ‘gourmet’ apple came out of a can haha. Thanks 😛


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