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Food Photo Friday #10: Seafood Surprise

Food: Seafood Salad and Tiramisu/ Consumed: Vapiano, Düsseldorf, Germany/ Date: 2 July 2014

After an adventure in a foreign city, a much needed feed was definitely what we needed.

This was a meal that Moana and I had in Düsseldorf after we’d had an little adventure out to Schloss Benrath. I had actually seen it recommended on Trip Advisor and thought it would be a cool place to go but wasn’t quite sure where it was.

It was luck that led us there in the end. We were just having a look for somewhere to eat and spotted it! It was super busy and it did take a while for the food to be prepared (they prepared it right in front of you, which is quite exciting).

The delicious mini tiramisu

The delicious mini tiramisu

I went for the seafood salad and a tiramisu for dessert which were both delicious! I loved the atmosphere at the restaurant, and all the staff were super friendly. They also had a cool way of paying, where you’re given a card, and every time you get something, you just scan your card and then when you leave, you go up with your card and they scan it to see how much your bill is. I’ve never done something like that (except maybe Yum Cha, but it’s all written, not with a swipe card) so it was pretty exciting!

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