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Food Photo Friday #11: Risotto Con Pollo at Elliot Stables

Food: Risotto Con Pollo /Consumed: De Niro, Elliot Stables, Auckland CBD/ Date: April 2015

So the photo looks a tad gross, but as you can probably tell, I love me some food from Elliot Stables and I’ve decided I’m going to try a dish from every restaurant there, but this time it was back to De Niro for some more Italian.

A lunch date with my good-friend who was over in Cardiff with me, led us back to Elliot Stables. She’d never been before and neither of us were really sure what we felt like. I think Elliot Stables is a really good place to bring friends because there are so many choices and the place itself is awesome.

I chose a Risotto Con Pollo, which is “Arborio rice tossed with chicken pieces, mushrooms & asparagus filled with parmesan cheese” and was very very yum! It was accompanied by the usual juice- cranberry.

I love risotto, and usually opt for a seafood risotto with prawns, so this was a bit different for me, but I loved it! I also need to branch out a bit from Elliot Stables I think, and head to a few new places.

*UPDATE: things have been busy busy busy at the moment with uni and work, so FPF are probably all I have time for at the moment. You can always check out my Outlander posts on in the meantime though. xx *


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