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Food Photo Friday #12: Pho in Brighton

Food: Phở Bò (Beef Pho) / Consumed: Pho, Brighton, UK / Date: December 2014

If you have any idea what “pho” is, then you might think this is the weirdest title of any of my blog posts to date. Why? Because I’m writing about the time I ate one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes of all time not in Vietnam, but in… Brighton. Here’s what happened:

When you live overseas, there’s almost always going to be something that you miss from home. For me, it was delicious homemade Vietnamese food (my Mum’s family are Vietnamese-Chinese and I have grown up living off Vietnamese food).

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Cardiff was to Google search if there were any Vietnamese restaurants in the area (after three months in France without Vietnamese food, I was getting some intense cravings). There was only one result which was 1) in an area I had never heard of 2) I had no idea how to get to and 3) I am lazy and couldn’t be bothered finding out how to actually get there. So pretty much in my desperation I went to Waitrose and bought ready-made Vietnamese styled dishes, which at the time, were kind of satisfying (“it kind of tastes and smells like it, I guess?” I told myself,) but now I regret it. REALLY, regret it. Just don’t do it guys.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, in December, after almost 6 months without Vietnamese food, a trip down to Brighton led me to the glorious Pho Cafe, where I was treated to a delicious steaming bowl of Phở Bò (Beef Pho) and I literally almost cried. I’m not even exaggerating. It was the day we were meant to leave Brighton (we had tried to have dinner there the night before but they were closed because they were having a Christmas staff party- just my luck right?!) and I was so so so desperate, I was willing to miss our train back to Cardiff just to taste some.

While in Brighton it was also a requirement to have fish & chips on the Brighton Pier.

While in Brighton it was also a requirement to have fish & chips on the Brighton Pier.

So there you have it. My six month adventure just to taste some Pho. It may not have been super authentic as in, IN VIETNAM authentic, but it was pretty damn close, and I definitely wasn’t complaining. Shout out to my friend Mila who put up with me over those couple of days where the cravings were too real.

But what about you guys? Anyone gone without something (and I’m talking food here people,) and they would’ve done anything to have it? Let me know I’m not the only one.

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