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Currently: May 2015

Happy Queen’s Birthday Weekend!
If there’s one thing this month has been, it’s that it’s been crazy. Not particularly in a good way, more like crazy busy, crazy stressed. With one week left of my second-to-last semester, deadlines have been creeping up and tests have been a plenty. I definitely still feel like I’m doing the right course, but the workload is mental and the bar has definitely been lifted for our final year.
There hasn’t been much to report of late. I’ve started working again now and again to try and get those dollar bills, but having to juggle it with uni work has been difficult. I did go on a police-ridealong on a Friday night though it was honestly the coolest and most exciting experience ever. Everyone was so lovely and absolutely hilarious, if I ever want a career change I know where to go.
In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been doing this month.


Reading: “Dragonfly In Amber” by Diana Gabaldon (#2 in the Outlander series)
Watching: Outlander (duh), The Flash, The Royals, Game of Thrones and iZombie, just to name a few.
Listening to: Been loving Raleigh Ritchie (he plays Greyworm in GoT)
Dreaming of: My holidays that are just around the corner! And a trip to the Scottish Highlands re: Outlander.
Planning: A few ideas for my 2-week internship over the holidays.
Making: progress on my posts on the website I’ve newly started contributing to,
Enjoying: (most of) my uni course, despite the stress, stress, stress
Eating: lots of dried fruit (mostly cranberries,) and nuts (mostly almonds) and drinking lots of English Breakfast tea
Excited for: My internship these holidays and my trip down to Welly.
Goal setting: Save, save, save. And work, work, work!
Learning: About journalism.
Lusting over: Tom Austen. What a beautiful human.

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