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Food Photo Friday #13: Bánh Mì from Box of Birds

Food: Chicken filled Bánh mì  / Consumed at: Box of Birds, Elliot Street, Auckland CBD /Date: June, 2015

Two Vietnamese Food Photo Friday’s in a row! This week I went to Box of Birds, an off-shoot of the hugely popular Bird on a Wire for a delicious Vietnamese-inspired sandwich.

(Excuse the terrible photo) as you would have probably noticed, I’m a sucker for anything Vietnamese or Vietnamese-inspired so after a couple of trips to Box of Birds in Auckland’s CBD I thought it was about time I tried their version of the Vietnamese bánh mì.


Vietnamese 101: In Vietnamese, bánh mì generally just means bread but has become synonymous with the Vietnamese sandwich is western countries. If a Vietnamese person were to refer to it they’d refer to it by including the kind of filling. For example bánh mì thịt (thịt meaning meat,) or bánh mì chay (chay meaning vegetarian). 

And my thoughts? Pretty, good! I’m not used to having chicken inside bánh mì, I usually have pork, so it created a bit of a different texture. They also used sour-dough bread rather than the baguette-like bread I’m used to, but because Box of Birds isn’t a Vietnamese cafe it’s not really a problem for me and besides the sandwich was very very tasty either way! Actually just thinking about it right now is making me hungry…

What’s your favourite Vietnamese dish? Let me know down below!



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