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My 101 Unique Travel Eats: Food Bucket List

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do this over the past few months and I thought now that I have time I might as well see how well I do. I’m not expecting much, seeing as I’m definitely not the world explorer I hope to be, but here’s trying. The original list was compiled by Dealchecker called “Food Bucket List: 101 Unique Travel Eats“.

Let’s see how I go:

#9: Share a traditional Thanksgiving feast with family and friends in America, carved Turkey and pumpkin pie included. Try to break the wishbone and win so you can make a wish! Half a point– I shared a Thanksgiving feast with friends from America while we were in Cardiff. My neighbour’s parents came over from the States and cooked the two flats a delicious Thanksgiving feast and yes, pumpkin pie included! #10: Nibble a French crepe under the Eiffel Tower in the devastatingly romantic city of Paris, the most visited city in the world. One point– This was a thing, and I did it! Nutella and banana anyone? #11: Eat crispy battered fish ‘n chips out of paper on a windy day on Brighton beach, England. One point– YES definitely. It was horribly cold and windy and we nearly got attacked by seagulls on the pier. #12: Try a dish you can’t pronounce the name of from a street stall in Southeast Asia, such as the yummy Gaeng Keow Wan Gai (Thai green chicken curry). Half a point– it wasn’t off a street stall, but it was definitely unpronounceable and in Southeast Asia… that counts right? (I am getting a bit desperate here). #35: Fill up with a meal of dim sum in China, eating your way through various bite-sized portions served in small steamer baskets. Some favourites include ‘Cha siu bao’ which are softly steamed barbeque pork-stuffed fluffy buns and ‘Har gau’ which are curiously translucent dumplings consisting of crispy shrimp. One point– Honestly I don’t know if Hong Kong is part of China, I’m pretty sure it is now. So yes, I can tick this off. Dim sum is THE BEST. #37: Watch the world go by as you wake up with a wonderfully-flaky croissant and a café au Lait for breakfast in a tiny independent Café in France. One point– One of my favourite things about Paris is being able to people watch while you’re eating. There are some very interesting (and stylish) people who walk past. #39: Pig out without any regrets with a crispy battered deep-fried Mars bar from a local chip shop up in Scotland, where the super high-calorie treats were first introduced as a novelty snack. Half a point– I really feel like I’m clutching at air here, but I’ve had a deep-fried Mars bar, but it wasn’t in Scotland… that counts, right? #56: Learn how to crack open and drain a coconut, and eat up the juice and flesh inside. Coconut water is extremely hydrating so it is the perfect go-to hangover cure after a night on the tiles! One point– I have this one down! Thanks to my many visits to Vanuatu. #59: Plan a traditional picnic for a warm summer’s day, complete with finger sandwiches, fresh strawberries and a classic red-checked woven picnic basket. One point– I need to do one of these again. Too bad it’s winter!

While in Brighton it was also a requirement to have fish & chips on the Brighton Pier.

#11 Grabbing some fish and chips at the Brighton Pier

#60: Collect a variety of different types of berries on a long country walk and use them to bake up some delicious cakes and muffins. But remember – unless you’re an expert, it’s always best to stick to picking the `berries you recognise, such as blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, wild cherries and wild strawberries. One point– One of the best things about being in the countryside in France during the summer! #62: Go on a fishing trip and if you’re successful take your prized catch home to cook for dinner. To make the trip more exciting, why not turn it into a competition as to who can catch the biggest win? One point– a pretty standard thing to do in New Zealand… despite the fact that I’ve only done it once! #66: Knead and bake your own fresh loaf of bread, filling your home with the delicious wafting smell. One point– Nothing more welcoming and delicious than the smell of freshly baked bread. #67: Throw a formal dinner party for a group of friends, complete with a starter, main and desert (and not forgetting lots of wine!). Try to cook everything from scratch, and no cheating! One point– We did this for a Christmas dinner with the flat. It was a huge success! #69: Literally dine in the sky, suspended at an eye-watering height of 50 metres in various locations across the globe with quirky company ‘Dinner in the sky‘. One point– Hello, food up on Auckland’s Sky Tower! #76: Bake a cake for someone special’s birthday, and ice and decorate it as elaborately as you can. One point– Throwback to Morgaine’s 18th birthday with her ’18’-shaped, bright pink birthday cake! #86: Go to an ‘all you can eat’ buffet serving cuisines from all around the globe and fill up until your body can’t physically take anymore. Where else can you have an Italian pizza with a super-spicy Indian curry on the same plate? One point– Dinner at Eight at The Langham comes to mind. #92: Use your nose to find a durian fruit, commonly sold throughout Southeast Asia. It’s said to be the world’s smelliest fruit, so bad that it’s been banned on public transport. The taste has been compared to rotten onions by some, but is described as rich custard by its fans. One point– It’s a common fruit in my Asian family and most of the family love it. I can’t say I’m much of a fan, but frozen, it’s almost bearable.

So, how did I do? :  15.5/101

Well… there ya go. I feel like I cheated a bit too, giving myself half-points. But it definitely gives me more excuses to travel and try the different delicacies! Why not give it a go yourself?


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