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Food Photo Friday #14: Hungarian Puffs of Delish

Food: Hungarian Fried Bread Puff/ Consumed: Langos Stall, Silo Park Markets, Auckland/ Date: February 2015

A trip to the Silo Park Markets in February led me to my first experience of Hungarian food, and let’s just say – I’m ready for more!

Silo Park Markets has a wealth of food stalls to try out, many of which I’d tried, and others that sounded deliciously tempting. There was one thing that stood out to me though, after I’d seen people walking around with ridiculously large doughy puffs topped with delicious looking things. I thought to myself, “Anya, you need that in your life, and you need it now!”

Not one to ignore my inner voice, nor deny it the thing it “needed” in it’s life, I found myself in the queue for a Langos Hungarian fried bread puff and I was not disappointed.

My friends went for Korean burgers

My friends went for Korean burgers

I went for the bread puff topped with tomato, feta and harissa, a deliciously salty combo!

My friends went for the Korean burgers which I had been tempted to try as well, but in the end, the bread puffs won!

Have any of you tried the bread puffs before? Thoughts? Also, anyone have suggested of other Hungarian foods I should try? Let me know down below!



  1. Those bread puffs are great if they’re cooked properly. We once waited in line for an hour and they were liquid in the middle. Actually, we bought 3 and they were all undercooked. We were hungry and couldn’t wait another hour for something else (missing the festival) so we ate them.

    I wonder how hard they would be to make though? Could be dangerous being able to eat those things whenever, rather than waiting for special occasions like festivals.


    • Oh that sounds horrible! They must’ve been in a hurry to serve everyone, luckily mine was perfectly cooked. To be honest it didn’t look too difficult, it would just require the right bread recipe and a deep-fryer, and yeah, being deep-fried it’s definitely not an everyday food!


      • Oh, it was a few years ago so maybe it was a combo of teething issues and trying to get through the long line of hungry people. My friends have had it since and loved it.


      • Yeah maybe that was the issue, terrible for you guys though! Maybe try it again if you have the chance and see what you think? 🙂


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