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Burnt Out, But…One Week Until Wellington!

It’s been a while, four months actually, since I’ve been on a plane, but in exactly one week’s time I’ll be on another big mechanical bird flying out of Auckland to visit New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.

It might not be a long-haul flight to tackle an adventure on the other side of the world, but it’s still something I am very very excited about because this has been one hell of a semester at uni.

Uni burn-out season has arrived at my doorstep. It’s that time of the semester when the semester is drawing to a close and everyone has all their deadlines at one time and are working so furiously at all hours of the day and night that the body just can’t cope and konks out. Probably more accurately known as disorganisation and bad time management.

Exhibit A: ME – Currently curled up in bed with a sore throat and the sniffles, sipping on a hot cup water with lemon and honey. This is what uni does to you people. (This is slightly a lie, it’s more accurately what I did to myself).

What is she even talking about, you ask? Honestly I don’t really know. I think what I’m trying to say is look after yourselves people. Try not to burn yourself out by leaving everything to the last minute or doing 101 things at once otherwise you might end up sick in bed instead of celebrating.

I’m also trying to say: I will be in Wellington soon and I’m excited! It couldn’t come sooner! The last time I was in Wellington was two years ago in 2013 and there was an earthquake while my friends and I visited Te Papa Museum, it was quite an eventful trip. I might pop a post up with a few photos from my trip there next week before I go.

This sign fell during the earthquake and it cracked.

This sign fell during the earthquake and it cracked.

I’m also wanting to try as many cheap food places as I can while I’m down there. Wellington is really well-known for having some amazing restaurants and eateries, I have a few places in mind already, but does anyone else have any suggestions? Would love to know!

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