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A Tiny Topshop Treat

When it comes to competitions, I always have to enter. I get 101 emails a week from places with promotions and sales that I swiftly delete without opening. But it’s when the email boasts a competition or has a giant *WIN* in the subject line that my interest is captured. So it’s with this in mind that I hopped down to Topshop to try my luck at a competition and a super super cool one at that.

Yes I am skint, yes I should be studying, yes I probably won’t win, but I went along anyway. I was in desperate need of some new items to add to my make-up bag so I thought I’d try Topshop’s range out for once. I’m one of those people who likes to shop around, I’ll give most things a try. So far the only make up item that I’ve bought more than twice has been Maybelline The Falsies mascara and the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara, all my other make-up items are pretty much one-off’s. So this time I was in need of a new liquid liner pen and something for my eyebrows.

I went for Topshop’s Magic Liner in the colour Engraved and Topshop’s brow pencil in the colour Spike. I think I’m really going to enjoy the liquid liner because it is super easy to control the width of the line (I have half hooded eyes, so I like a thin line and this pen seems to do the trick well). I’m yet to decide whether I like the brow pencil or not. I usually use a tinted gel and then eyeshadow and run a spooly through my brows after. This pencil comes with a spooly and once I run it through the brows after using the pencil it gives a similar effect as a shadow would, so I have reasonable hopes for the product. I also bought the cold shoulder top in the colour Charcoal, just as a little extra treat.

A few treats from Topshop

A few treats from Topshop

And spending all my money will be worth it if I win the competition. Topshop are currently running a competition where every purchase from Topshop in the month of June puts you in the draw to win a trip to London to the Topshop London Fashion Show in September with flights, accommodation and shopping money. My chances are low, I know. But a girl can dream right?

Anybody tried Topshop beauty products before? Are they any good? Or should I invest in something more high end?


    • From what I’ve seen so far it really is quite and good and affordable. I’m definitely going to try out their lipsticks. Have you tried their foundation? 🙂


      • It really is. I highly recommend the lipsticks. I have 10 of them and I have search post coming up on them. I really love them. Haha.
        No I haven’t tried the foundation but I want to. I was close to buying their primer too.

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      • Awesome! I’m not usually a lipstick person, but I like to have a few in my make up bag just in case! Haha.

        Yeah I think I’m going to have to try it out too!

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