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Food Photo Friday #15: Jazzing it up at Orleans

Food: Chicken Waffles & Curly Fries/ Consumed at: Orleans, Auckland/ Date: June 2015

Just around the corner from Mexico Britomart, is the super snazzy Orleans, a place that will satisfy any hungry heart or stomach, and last week I headed there to celebrate a friend’s 22nd birthday.

I’ve been to Orleans before for a few drinks and a dance, but I’d never been for a sit-down lunch or dinner, so I was very very excited when my friend decided to celebrate her birthday there. I’m one of those people who takes VERY long to decide what to order, so the night before I’d gone online to look at the menu. While in the long run it had been a good idea, short term it was a different story. Looking at all the delicious sounding foods just made my tummy rumble with hunger and I ended up having a second dinner (whoops).

The atmosphere and the service at Orleans is amazing. The lighting was very dim, lit by candles on the table and hanging lightbulbs, there was a live band (who were fab) and the cocktails were exceptional.

For my dinner I went for the chicken waffle with sage butter, maple chipotle glaze and fried sage leaves and the curly fries, which were served with creole salt and chipotle mayo. The chicken waffles were to die for. The chicken was cooked to perfection with a delicious crunchy seasoning and it was complemented wonderfully by the glaze and the butter. And you’d think curly fries are curly fries, but these ones were perfectly seasoned with a bit of a spicy punch which went nicely with the mayo. I also had a delicious cocktail, The Hurricane, which was yum yum yum!

As you can probably tell, I loved this place and I’ll definitely be back for more! Have any of you been before? What were your thoughts? Or maybe you have a favourite foodie place that can do know wrong, let me know below!


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