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Food Photo Friday #17: Fab Quesadillas @ Fidel’s

Food: Quesadillas & Salt and Pepper Squid/ Consumed at: Fidel’s, Cuba St, Wellington/ Date: 24 June 2015

Located on the coolest street in Wellington and with raving reviews I was super excited for my lunch at Fidel’s.

We went there for lunch on my last day in Wellington, it was cold and windy, so as nice as the outdoor seating looked, indoors was our best bet.Quesadillas and slaw at Fidel's

I kicked off my lunch with a caramel latte (standard,) while Georgie went for the Snickers shake which is supposed to be aaaaamazing. For food I chose the Ropa Veija Quesadilla which comprised of a “folded tortilla filled with tender beef shoulder slow braised in tomato, garlic and chilli, served with tomato salsa, guacamole and an iceberg lettuce slaw.” I accompanied this with salt & pepper squid served with lemon and aioli.

The verdict? I really liked the quesadillas and accompanied with the guac and salsa made it even better. I’m not a huge fan of coleslaw, so ideally I wouldn’t have had that with it, but eaten with the quesadilla it was definitely edible. I had high hopes for the salt & pepper squid which, although tasty was a bit too soggy for my liking. I think I’m used to the Chinese takeaway-style crispy squid which is completely different.

Overall a pretty tasty meal and I’ll definitely head back next time I’m in Welly because there are A LOT of dishes I want to try on their menu!

Anyone else been to Fidel’s Cafe in Wellington before? What were your thoughts? Let me know below!


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