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What’s On My TV Schedule? #2

A couple of months ago I compiled a list of all the TV shows I was watching, had been watching and wanted to watch titled: What’s On My TV Schedule? Now that a lot of the shows I mentioned have come to a season’s close, I thought I’d clue you all in on what’s currently on my TV schedule!

I don’t discriminate, I’ll watch just about anything. Get ready for a melting pot of television shows!


Teen Wolf (2011):


It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this show to come back and finally it did– with a double episode to go with it! This season things are looking to get even more creepy and intense and I cannot wait. If you’ve never heard of Teen Wolf before you are missing out! Yes this is another supernatural TV show, but no it is not ‘just’ another one, it is THE one that I enjoy the most. If you’re a fan of Vampire Diaires or The Originals but are looking for something a bit more moody and 10x more hilarious you will love this show. I dare you not to love Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien).

Reasons to watch:

  • This is one of the funniest shows around. Dylan O’Brien is a comic genius.
  • Get up to date on all different forms of shapeshifters throughout history.
  • There are a few characters in particular that create the best scenes ever; Stiles and Derek to be exact.
  • There are some new additions this season including Cody Christian who plays Mike Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars.
  • There a perfect mix of action, humour, sex and mystery.
Pretty Little Liars (2010): 
ABC Family

ABC Family

Ok, I’m not going to lie, the end of season 5 was kind of disappointing, just because so much had been hyped up and a lot of question were left unanswered. But luckily this season is slowly answering a few of them–while creating more questions. I started watching Pretty Little Liars from the beginning and was hooked. Watching the first season back again I cringe a little bit at how it all used to be, but it’s definitely improved a lot. The plot on the other hand is as suspenseful as you could ever want. The show constantly has you on the edge of your seat. No one is ever safe and there are always little clues you have to look out for. It’s these aspects (along with some eye candy) that has had me coming back each season.

Reasons to watch:

  • The characters are constantly in danger, even if they think they are safe, so the whole mystery surrounding the secrets is always really engaging and draws you in.
  • Pretty much to find who the hell ‘A’ is!
  • If there was one show that had the most eye candy, both male and female, this show is it.
  • The ships, the ships, the ships!
Stitchers (2015):

ABC Family

I literally only just started watching this show but after the first few minutes I was already hooked. The premise of the show is about this secret government agency programme called the Stitchers Programme, which sets out to “stitch” people into the consciousness of dead people to find out the truth of how they died or other valuable information. In a way it kind of reminds me of iZombie, but it’s different enough to keep me watching and keep me really interested. There’s also a mystery around the background of the main character Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta).

Reasons to watch:

  • The main character Kirsten has a fictitious condition called “temporal dysplasia” which makes for some very interesting and funny interactions between her and other characters.
  • If you enjoy iZombie and want something to enjoy while the show is on hiatus this is the show for you (minus the brain eating) and swapping a Kiwi leading lady with an Aussie leading lady.
  • While the show hasn’t gotten very good reviews the fact that I got hooked in by the first half of the ep is enough for me. So if you’re looking for some light but interesting entertainment, check it out.
Rookie Blue (2010):
Global/ ABC

Global/ ABC

So I can’t quite remember why I started watching this show. I think it was after I’d gotten onto the Game of Thrones bandwagon, had watched all that there had been to watch of that show and needed something, albeit completely different, to get attached to. Whatever it was that led me to Rookie Blue, I’m glad I got there because I really enjoy it. Pretty much it follows a group of rookie police officers and you see their struggles and achievements as they begin to nagvigate their brand new job. Now it’s 5 years later and all the drama that comes with working with your close friends and lovers is truly going all out.

Reasons to watch:

  • Good insight into the job of a cop– with a little added drama.
  • There are a lot of laughs in this show.
  • There are a healthy dose of love triangles in this show– I live for those.
  • A little bit of action, a few laughs, a good dose of drama and some thrills and suspense. The perfect mix for a TV show!


Orange Is The New Black (2013): 



Does Piper annoy anyone else now? Because what she did at the end of Season 3… What a bitch. Also I love Ruby Rose and what is Alex’s story now? Also the lake scene was perf. It took me a long time to jump on the bandwagon but I am so glad I did. (p.s not going to lie, I only wanted to watch it when everyone started freaking out about Ruby Rose.)

Sense8 (2015):



I really like this show. It was confusing as hell, but also super sexy. My only complaint– why are they like they are? I thought the end of the season would at least answer that. If you want something a bit strange but also super sexy with a bit of a supernatural twist this is for you. Prepare to be weirded out, but in a totally good way.

The Returned (2015):



I originally started watching this show in French which is the original version but after my sister wanted to watch it as well I switched to the US version. I did really enjoy the US version but I feel like the French version was a lot more creepier and moody which is what gave it more of a “wow” factor. Anyway it’s about a group of dead people who come back to life and start showing up in their old town.

JUST FINISHED: (Season Ended)

Outlander (2014): The last few episodes were a very difficult watch but it was a testament to the amazing acting ability of all those involved. I cannot wait for the new season and the fact that it will be in “France” is super exciting.

Game of Thrones (2011): Love me or hate me for saying this but I found this season really disappointing. When I heard that the first four episodes had leaked online I thought I’d find it really difficult to stop myself watching them but in actual fact there was nothing in the episodes that made me want to watch the next episode ahead of time anyway. Sorry hardcore GoT fans, but that season was a non-event for me.

Vampire Diaries (2009): As I mentioned in the last post, while I love Vampire Diaries I almost feel obligated to keep watching it because I’ve watched it since the beginning and have invested so much time into the show that I might as well keep watching it. There was a terribly terribly sad event in this season which had me crying buckets. Will I be back next season? Yes. Will I be excited about it? Possibly..?

The Royals (2015): This was a show that surprised me. I had read some terrible reviews about it, but after writers on Fangirlish (a blog I regularly contribute to) were raving about how great it was, I was intrigued. After the Season 1 finale aired I got started on episode 1 and I was pleasantly surprised. Fast-forward to me finishing the season in 1 day and let’s just say I’m hooked. Also, if you were unaware Tom Austen is very pleasing on the eyes.

The Flash (2014): There were some big revelations and Barry finds out the true identity of the Reverse Flash. I really enjoyed the premiere season of this show, cannot wait for next season!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2013): Overall I really enjoy this show but there were moments in this season that the show dropped a bit. I guess that’s the same with every show but there were moments where I didn’t really feel the need to watch the next episode. Some big stuff happened this season though and a lot of people’s trust was tested.

iZombie (2015): It’s such a typical thing that a Kiwi would get excited about the success of another Kiwi, but I really am super happy for Rose McIver who plays Liv Moore in iZombie. I really enjoyed this show, it had a good dose of mystery and crime while also being pretty hilarious. Looking forward to the next season.

Once Upon A Time (2011): A bit like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D I watched this season on and off as the season dipped and peaked quite a lot. The next season should be quite interesting though seeing the new Emma.

Grantchester (2014): I love my British period shows and this was something I came across after doing a bit of random googling. It’s a super cute show set just after WWII and is about a crime-fighting vicar with a drinking problem. I watched the first season in a day, it’s quite funny as well.

Happy Valley (2014): I had been recommended this show by a friend but also the main actor in Grantchester, James Norton, plays the main antagonist in this series so after watching and loving him in Grantchester I thought I’d give Happy Valley a go. It is a completely different kind of show and James’ character is completely different. He’s actually a terrible person. The show in itself is very good with amazing performances by everyone in it. It’s has a similar feel to Broadchurch.

Baby Daddy (2012): My sister described this quite succinctly: Disney for older people. To be honest it is very Disney in a way (it is ABC after all) but with a lot of adult humour. It’s your typical sitcom with some really good laughs. It’s a super feel-good show and I usually watch it when I’ve run out of other things to watch or just need a bit of cheering up (or something nice to look at).

COMING UP: (Season About to Start)

How To Get Away With Murder (2014): I CANNOT wait for this show to come back! The whole season was amazing and the ending of last season was a real cliff-hanger.

Doctor Who (2005): Living in Cardiff was like a dream come true, especially when I could identify a lot of the places in some of the eps of last season as places I walked regularly and going to the Doctor Who Experience obviously. I’m interested to see why Clara is back with the Doctor this season again.

Faking It (2014): Can’t quite remember how I came across this show but the premise was interesting. I’m still not completely sure how I feel about the show, but there were definitely enough plot twists to make me come back for more and I’ll definitely be tuning into the next season to see where it goes.

TV WISHLIST: (Shows to watch/ re-try in the future)

*watched but not up-to-date

  • American Horror Story (2011)*
  • Arrow (2012)*
  • Bates Motel (2013)
  • Covert Affairs (2010)*
  • Finding Carter (2014)*
  • Girls (2012)*
  • Hannibal (2013)
  • Lost Girl (2010)*
  • Marvel’s Agent Carter (2015) 
  • Orphan Black (2013)*
  • Peaky Blinders (2013)*
  • Penny Dreadful (2014)*
  • Rome (2005)
  • Scream (2015)
  • Shameless US (2011)*
  • Spiral/ Engrenages (2005)*
  • Suits (2011)
  • Supernatural (2005)*
  • The Originals (2013)*
  • The 100* (2014)
  • UnReal (2015)*
  • Vikings (2013)*

Do you guys have any suggestions of good TV shows? I’m always looking for new shows to add to my list! I’m literally open to any suggestions!

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