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Food Photo Friday #19: Dolma @ Casablanca

Food: Dolma with lamb/ Consumed at: Casablanca, Sylvia Park, Auckland/ Date: July 2015

Last night I went for a much needed dinner and catch-up at the cool Mediterranean restaurant Casablanca with my friend.

We sat outside under the outdoor heaters at a cute blue mosaic table, the place itself is super lively and it was packed when we arrived. We literally got one of the last tables.

Food-wise I went for the Dolma with added lamb which consists of: “green bell pepper stuffed with rice, onion currants, pinenuts and herbs, served with tomato salsa and labneh.” It’s the first time I’ve tried one from a restaurant (besides the meatball stuffed ones my Mum used to sometimes make before she went vegetarian,) and it was delicious and very filling. I was surprised by how filling it was actually but happy I was for the price I paid. I think without the lamb it would’ve been filling enough as well. Definitely want to go back again and try some other dishes on the menu.

My friend took an insta while there too, feel free to go give her a follow! She has lots of pretty photos on her Instagram account!

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