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Food Photo Friday #22: Chowder @ Cuba St Bistro

Food: Seafood Chowder/ Consumed at: Cuba St Bistro, Wellington/ Date: June 2015

It may not look pretty, but it sure was a delight to eat! This week’s FPF features a big bowl of delish!

I know seafood chowder isn’t really everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re unaware, I’m not a very fussy eater (Buzzfeed even confirmed it– I ticked off 4/87) so I’ll eat a bowl of seafood chowder any day.

My friend Georgie and I weren’t really sure where we wanted to stop for lunch and were just walking down Cuba St when we stumbled across this bistro. Georgie had heard relatively good things about the place and it looked quite cosy inside so we thought we’d give it a try.
Inside Cuba St Bistro

The seafood chowder was the soupe du jour which came in two serving sizes. I opted for the smaller serving which was a good call because even the small bowl was incredibly filling. I also bought a bottle of kumbucha to wash it all down with.

I’m no seafood chowder expert, but I really really enjoyed the soup. It had a substantial amount of seafood with the perfect balance of soup. Très bonne!

Are you a fussy eater? Or are you always up for a food adventure? Let me know in the comments!


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