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Food Photo Friday #24: Dinner @ Chow, Wellington

Food: Beef Pho /Consumed at: Chow, Wellington CBD/ Date: June 2015

Chow is a cool Asian-fusion place in Wellington CBD that Georgie and I went to for dinner while I was down in Wellington a couple of months ago to visit.

Georgie had been here for a work-do a little while back, so recommended we go there for dinner. When we got there it was so packed that we had to line up to reserve a table (a good indication it’s a good place to eat). The next available table wasn’t going to be free for at least 45 minutes, so after putting our names down, we went to find a cafe to grab a coffee inside while we waited, away from the freezing cold outside.

About half an hour later we got a call saying there was a table available so we headed back, got seated and ordered. I went for the Vietnamese Beef Pho (no surprises there), Georgie went for the Jungle Curry and we shared a plate of Beggars Purses which were filled with Chinese greens, bamboo, peanuts and shiitake mushrooms.

Inside Chow.

The food was really good! Although I regret not being a little bit more adventurous, honestly don’t even know why I went for the Pho when there are so many other delicious looking things on the menu! I’d definitely be keen to go back and try something new!

Asian-fusion places are popping up all over the place it seems– do you have a favourite? Let me know below!


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