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Guess what?! I’m Moving to Orlando, Florida!

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I am so so so excited to announce that in January next year I’ll be packing up my bags once again to move overseas! This time I’m off to Orlando, Florida to work at Walt Disney World! The excitement is real!

If you’ve been reading my ‘Currently‘ posts the past couple of months you may have noticed that I’ve been banging on about a ‘secret’ trip that I couldn’t announce yet because I was still waiting for confirmation and guess what?! It’s confirmed!

A couple of months ago I applied for the Disney International Cultural Exchange Program and since then I’ve been waiting in anticipation for my application to get accepted, then once that came through I had to attend an interview and after that, the most nerve-wracking wait to find out if I had been accepted into the program.

Disney is just one of the those things that seemed like a really really awesome opportunity and I didn’t want to miss out. I was actually in the process of interviewing for an amazing job with STA Travel, but because of Disney I had to turn it down. It was actually quite difficult for me because I had to choose between a career-starter, or travel and adventure, but in the end travel and adventure won. I think in the end, I know that jobs like the one at STA Travel are sure to pop up again sometime in the future, whereas working for Disney is a once in a lifetime opportunity (there’s a limited time after graduating university that you’re allowed to be part of the program). I definitely think I made the right choice!

I’m planning on doing a lot more vlogging during this trip and also do a few videos talking about the application and interview process. If you’re from New Zealand or Australia and you’re interested in applying, hopefully the videos will be helpful! Also, hopefully this means my blog is going to be getting a little bit more exciting as I begin to plan! And it will also be getting very Disney-themed which I hope you’ll all enjoy.

I’m going to Disney with one of my best friends Georgie and another friend Taylor, which is making me even more excited and means I can get excited with other people too.

I am so excited to head off to start my new adventure, but for now I have to focus on my final year of studies before I graduate in December!

Have any of you been to Walt Disney World in Orlando? What did you think? I’d love to know!


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