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City in a Snapshot: Top Tips for Düsseldorf, Germany

I’m not going to lie, when I think of Germany, Düsseldorf is definitely not the first place that springs to mind. But last year I found myself in Düsseldorf for my first trip to Germany and it really was a lovely city! Here are some of my tips for making the most of your time there in my second instalment of City in a Snapshot.


It took us a while to find, but it was totally worth it because the place we stayed was incredibly cute, very comfortable and super affordable! I got a special offer from (they have regular deals, so it’s always the first place I look,) for a place called Hotel Sir & Lady Astor, which was a quick walk away from the S-Bahn (the subway) and a quick walk to the main shopping district. We stayed for three nights and were treated to complementary breakfast each morning which gave you the option of a continental buffet or a hot breakfast, which varied each day. Couldn’t have had a better stay if I’d wanted to!

Must-Sees & Activities:

My main reason for going to Düsseldorf was actually to go to a concert at Espirit Stadium, so I thought a few days looking around the city would be a worthwhile experience. Here’s what I’d recommend:

Shopping: Düsseldorf is known for being a great place to shop and I can guarantee it will be difficult for you to leave without a suitcase full of new purchases. My first recommendation would be the Schadow Arcaden, which is the main high street shopping area, there’s also the more sophisticated Königsallee street (aka The Kö) which is where you can find high end names such Dior and Chanel. While for most this is probably more of a “window-shopping” area, the street itself runs parallel to the canal, which is tree-lined a really beautiful place to have a stroll.

There is also the Altstdat (the old part of Düsseldorf) which has more specialised and boutique stores as well as a whole tonne of food and drink stops, which leads me to my next point–

The Altstdat: This cool, cobblestoned area is the old part of Düsseldorf and is the perfect place to sit down for a feed or a pint to drink. The streets are lined with bars and pubs and there is constant music playing. There are also bars lined up down by the water which is glorious during the summer evenings as you soak up the last rays of sun and gobble down some good food and drink.

Schloss Benrath: While it didn’t quite live up to our expectations, Schloss Benrath was still a lovely place to visit and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a relaxing day out of the city and the perfect location for a picnic. It’s about a 20-minute train ride on the S-Bahn from the central city and stops right by Benrath. You’re instantly greeted by pastel pink buildings which is probably one of the weirdest, but also coolest buildings I’ve seen. The Schloss sites on some big grounds which are lovely to stroll through and if you walk far enough you’ll find yourself out by the Rhine (I believe it was).

Food: There was this cool place we found just around the corner from the Kö called Vapiano, an Italian restaurant where everything was cooked right in front of you. You could choose between a variety of different dishes which would be prepared at different food stations. You also had cards which you scanned at each station for easy payment at the end of your meal.


Getting around the city was a breeze! From our hotel, the majority of everything was in walking distance, but it that didn’t suffice, the great train/tram network– the S-Bahn, got us to everywhere we needed to go and then from the central station it was a quick trip on the U-Bahn to Düsseldorf airport. You were also able to purchase daily travel cards for a relatively affordable price too if you were doing a lot of travelling.

Düsseldorf is a really lovely place to visit and while it may not be on the top of many people’s travel lists, if you’re in Germany and have the chance to visit I’d highly recommend it! I had a brilliant time and the city’s atmosphere is really warm and inviting.

I also filmed a few vlogs while I was in Düsseldorf, check out the first vlog below:

Anyone else been to Düsseldorf? What did you get up to? Let me know in the comments!


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