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Food Photo Friday #25: Lunch @ Frolic

Food: Warm chicken salad/ Consumed at: Frolic, Royal Oak, Auckland/ Date: September 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a Food Photo Friday for a variety of reasons, but now I’m back to it with this week’s edition, #25!

I was procrastinating from study, as you do, and decided I’d go to a cafe in Royal Oak called Frolic which I’ve driven past a lot and always wanted to try. I also know a few people who work there, one of whom I don’t see very often, so it was lovely to see them again!

I went for the delicious sounding warm chicken salad from their 2015 Winter menu, which was a bowl filled with yum: “cajun chicken cooked in garlic butter served with gourmet potatoes, roast veges, cos lettuce and sweet chilli sauce.” It was also a very decent size, so much so, I almost couldn’t finish it all!

That was all washed down with a caramel latte– standard.

I would definitely recommend this salad if you’re a fan of a good chicken roast– with a twist, and I’m planning on heading there again soon to try something from their all day breakfast menu. There are dishes on there that sound like winners, so they’re sure to appear on a FPF sometime in the near future!

Do you have any cafes in your area that you just can’t get enough of? Let me know below in the comments. #TGIF

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