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Food Photo Friday #26: B.L.A.T

Food: B.L.A.T/ Consumed at: Sweet Savoury, Freeman’s Bay, Auckland/ Date: August 2015

My friend from the UK came over for a couple of weeks which was the best thing ever. She also found it super weird that we eat so many things with avocado here in New Zealand.

After seven long months without seeing her it was unbelievably exciting to have one of my former flatmates over in New Zealand for the first time ever! While she was over she had a lot of burgers, but this time around we went for something a bit different.

When I was over in the UK all my flatmates though me and my other Kiwi flatmate were so weird because we ate avocados almost on a daily basis, so when my friend came over and saw us eating avocados again she was very amused.

Sweet Savoury in Auckland’s Freeman’s Bay is literally a couple of week’s old and so we thought we’d check out their lunch menu. I went for the B.L.A.T aka bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich which was served on a sour dough bun and came with a side of chips. The serving size was very reasonable for its price and the chips were really good. There was nothing that particularly stood out about the meal, but it was still very enjoyable and very tasty.

Do you think Kiwis actually do eat more avocados than other countries? Or do is that just me and my friends? I feel like lots of people eat avocados! Let me know below, I’d be really interested to hear what you think.

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