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Currently: October

Yes, I’ve skipped a month, but with a crazy-load of uni work, can you blame me? Just three more weeks until I am done, done, done with university… forever (or until I decide to study more). Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve been up to so far during the month of October.


Reading: Lots and lots of lifestyle articles online, sometimes uni is fun.
Watching: Everything is back! TVD, The Flash, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, OUAT, HTGAWM and most likely missed a few in my excitement. 
Listening to: I’m digging the new Rudimental album so much. “Rumour Mill” and “Treading Water” have to be a couple of my absolute faves though. TUNES.
Planning: My trip to Walt Disney World and generally just sorting my post-uni life out.
Making: Flight plans, visa plans, hotel plans and new Disney friends.
Enjoying:  The last few weeks of uni with my friends, even if the workload is horrible. 
Eating:  At this very moment I’m chomping down on some Watermelon Sour Patch Kids.
Excited for: I know this is probably getting old, but have I mentioned I’ve nearly finished uni? Also, I’m starting a new job on Friday which is exciting!
Goal setting: Saving, saving, saving! Also hoping to get a bit of fitness in before the sun comes out for summer.
Learning: That sometimes the best things come to those who wait.
Lusting over: Rugby players at the moment… Sue me. 


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