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Currently: November 2015

I have now officially finished university forever (or for now anyway) and I’m pretty lost about what to do with myself actually.

It’s pretty strange realising that I have officially finished my institutional education and am free to do whatever I like, whenever I like! With all these changes I thought it was a good time to do this month’s ‘Currently’. This also means my blog posts will start getting more frequent again with the lead up to my next adventure in the USA!


Reading: Cannot wait to start some good summer reads! I have a list on Goodreads that I can’t wait to crack into! Summer reading on the beach? Sounds perfect.
Watching: As well as having some of my favourite shows back (HTGAWM is so hella good right now!) I’ve also started Chicago Fire which I’m enjoying a lot. Hello Taylor Kinney.
Listening to: Still loving the Rudimental album and as much as I hate to admit it I’m loving all of JB‘s new songs. Also “Hello“!
Dreaming of: Disney World! It is coming up so quickly!
Planning: My trip to Walt Disney World such as visa stuff, insurance and flights and all the other fun stuff that drains your pockets of money.
Making: A start on making a scrapbook of my Europe trip.
Enjoying:  The sun! Summer is truly on it’s way! Also loving my new job at Lush (check out my free staff goodies in the photo above!)
Eating: Raw peanut butter choc slice, it’s vegan and it is bloody amazing! Recipe coming soon!
Excited for: Disney World, duh. But also excited for my graduation ceremony next month which will be a great ending to a great but challenging three years of university.
Goal setting: Would love to head to the beach with a good book and soak up the sun. A bit of a weird goal, but this year I didn’t make it to the beach during NZ’s summer, so I’m in need of some NZ beach time before I head overseas.
Learning: All about Lush and the amazing and delicious smelling products they have.
Lusting over: Baked Alaska soap from Lush. It smells well lush.


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Hello, I'm Anya. A twentysomething with a love for travel, food and a good read. Current day job was also my childhood dream job: working for a magazine (although these days I work in the digital sphere). Feel free to say hi!

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