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Food Photo Friday #27: Lunch @ Charlie & George

Food: Poached Chicken Salad & Green Goddess smoothie/ Consumed at: Charlie & George, Stonefields, Auckland/ Date: October 2015

Before going to Charlie & George I didn’t even know the little complex where it’s housed even existed, but I’m so glad I do now!

Moana and I found it by doing a bit of Googling after one of our weekly walks. We were trying to find a new place to eat and thought Charlie & George looked like a good place to check out. Driving by to find a park, I already loved the look of the place.

Charlie & GeorgeThe setup is quite industrial and modern-looking with plenty of light streaming through, thanks to the glass walls. There are tables and high top benches inside to eat on, or benches and tables outside in the sun.

We chose to sit outside at one of the little tables and we ordered smoothies to start. I ordered the Green Goddess smoothie which is a beautiful blend of spinach, mint and kiwi fruit with apple juice, banana, honey and spirulina.

For lunch I went for the Free Range Poached Chicken Salad. It was chicken breast poached in wine and lemon, tossed with celery, pistachio, beans, red onion, tossed with vinaigrette and drizzled with aioli. It came out looking like a winner before I even tasted it! My overall verdict after eating it though was that it was very nice, but the chicken was perhaps not as tasty as I would’ve imagined a wine and lemon poached chicken to taste, but still tasty enough!

I’ll definitely be back to try other things on the menu, the chicken burger might be my next port of call when we go back. Even to go back for just a drink, the atmosphere is incredibly bright and welcoming and it’s tucked away in the backstreet of Stonefields where you’re not overwhelmed by the sound of traffic.


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