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Food Photo Friday #28: Lunch @ Meadow

Food: Grilled chicken salad/ Consumed at: Meadow, Meadowbank, Auckland/ Date: November 2015

A couple of weeks ago Georgie came up to Auckland for the day to have her visa interview for our trip to the USA but obviously, we also needed to eat.

For this lunch date we opted for Meadow, a much-raved about restaurant in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank, that I hadn’t yet had a chance to visit. The place is quite small and cosy, there’s an indoor area that’s inviting and a little moody, with a seated area by the bar.

We decided to sit outside under the glass covered patio area. Because the patio was surrounded by glass there was plenty of light streaming in and the fence surrounding the property shielded it from the sounds of the busy road close-by.

As tempting as the cocktails sounded, we all opted for smoothies and juices instead, I went for the Green Genes juices which was a blend of kale, celery, apple, parsley and lemon. For lunch I had the Smoked Chicken Salad which was a combination of smoked chicken, bacon, broccoli, cos, almond and buttermilk dressing–both were very tasty!

Georgie went for the mushrooms on toast while Moana went for the delicious smelling and looking margherita pizza.

Overall a lovely atmosphere, lovely (and hilarious) staff and delicious looking and tasting food for a really good price–I will definitely be back!


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