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Oh! Hi there, it’s me again.

So I vaguely remember making a promise months and months ago that I’d keep my blog updated while I was in the USA, that I’d vlog and do all the things that bloggers are supposed to do.

Unsurprisingly (and this is very unfortunate that it’s the case,) I wasn’t able to keep that promise– not even for a day few hours.

There were a combination of reasons. Firstly, I had no laptop for about a month, thanks to the thieves who broke into my house just a few days before I was due to leave NZ. Secondly, wifi was piss poor (which was a disappointing surprise). Thirdly, my vlogging camera decided it would be the perfect time to konk out, less than a week into my travels. And just in general, blogging was kind of the last thing that was on my mind after a late night back from work. Yes, working for the mouse does have it’s hard days, just like every other job.

On a slightly brighter note, after arriving home to New Zealand today I now have a lot of free time. I’ve graduated university, I’m unemployed and moneyless, so what better thing to do than blog? Over the next few months I’ll be slowly trickling out posts about my 5 months in the USA and my experience as part of the Disney College Program/ Cultural Exchange. I also have some bits and pieces of footage from my travels in LA, which I might throw together into a couple of vlogs too.

So yeah, hi! I’m back. And will hopefully be sticking around for a while, so be sure to check in again sometime this week for some more substantial and hopefully more interesting blog posts.

P.S if anyone is in need of a journo grad, hit me up.

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